Spinach Bacon and Avocado salad …with honey mustard dressing

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Brilliant salad on it’s own or as a side with a main meal.

200 gm bag washed baby spinach
375 gm bacon, cooked then diced
1 -2 large ripe avocado sliced

Add anything else you have that suits your taste … strawberries … eggs … anyone (maybe not together)

Place spinach in salad bowl and top with bacon & avocado. Serve with dressing.


Honey mustard salad dressing

2 tbsp Dijon mustard
50 ml Red wine vinegar
200 ml Oil ( any light oil, like grapeseed oil or light olive oil)
2 tbsp Honey
Salt and Lemon juice to taste


Wisk all ingredients together well and store in a clean jar. I use a blender when I do large amounts… your friends will want some too!

This dressing keeps for several months in the refrigerator.