Foodie HQ has been created by two sisters who love food

As sisters one of the things that keep us close is our passion for all things food-related. We are not professional cooks or food critics but people who love to share recipes and ideas, evenings spent entertaining friends and loved ones with good food is a favourite pastime us.

Having grown up in a family that ran various restaurants and hotels throughout our lives, we have always been surrounded by cooking and people entertaining so now we love to share these experiences.

As food lovers we are constantly searching online for recipes, ideas on entertaining, foodie apps, cookbooks, farmers markets, restaurants and any general food inspiration …┬áthis made us realise that it would be great to have a centralised site which showcased a range of foodie information and that is when the idea for Foodie HQ was born.

The concept for Foodie HQ is to provide a place to find quality online information for busy people who love food, wine, cooking and entertaining. We really just want to share our favourite foodie finds.